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Ally Law has its origins in the International Alliance of Law Firms, a prestigious global network founded 25 years ago.


Wherever your business takes you, Ally Law’s 61+  independent firms are there, delivering local business intelligence and value with global depth and reach. Here’s how we’re different:

We’re serious about delivering high quality and responsive service

We take your satisfaction seriously and use systems and standards to back that up. Ally Law firms are subject to a strict selection process and must adhere to rigorous client service standards. We then ask firms and clients to provide a written assessment of the services received. As a network of independent firms, this works to your advantage. Ally Law can remove any firm that fails to meet our service standards or receives poor evaluations.

Local rates provide better value

Each Ally Law firm independently sets rates appropriate to their location. We believe this decentralized, locally-based rate structure offers better value for your legal services budget. We are also open to alternative fee arrangements that share the risk or provide greater predictability for fees. 

Deep and enduring relationships 

Ally Law has its origins in the International Alliance of Law Firms, a major global network founded 26 years ago. Many of our firms have worked together for years. We mine these long-standing relationships to meet your needs in 41 countries, saving you the hassle and uncertainty of locating capable counsel on your own. 

Our business and industry perspective

It is not enough to understand law in a theoretical way; to be effective, excellent legal skills must be balanced by practical business sense and knowledge about the sector in which you operate. The firms of Ally Law individually and together pursue opportunities to enhance knowledge of your industry. We have significant experience in the healthcare, energy, technology, retail, real estate and leisure sectors and are noted for our skills in labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions and business litigation.

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