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IT service market law

Many of our Law firm clients are IT companies. We provide our services both to companies that develop customised software, as well as developers of games and other applications addressed to the unlimited group of recipients.

Clients from this sector pay special attention to intellectual property management, in particular in relations to copyrights and licences to software developed and used thereby, as well as the protection of industrial property, including trade marks.

IT companies have contacts with foreign entities more frequently and to a bigger extent than other enterprises. Thus to provide legal assistance to IT market players, qualifications in international relations are necessary, apart from the precise knowledge of intellectual property issues. Thanks to their rich experience, our lawyers are able to meet both of these requirements at the same time.

Given the key character of intellectual property and international activities of our clients from the IT sector, it is often necessary to engage proven lawyers operating outside Poland. Our Law Firm cooperates with over 60 law firms in over 40 countries under the International Alliance of Law Firms.


Detailed scope of services:

  • Implementation agreements (including pre-implementation IT audit agreements, analyses, document preparation);
  • Agreements concerning the transfer of proprietary copyrights, licences and mixed agreements;
  • Distribution, publication agreements;
  • Common copyrights management agreements;
  • Employment contracts and subcontractor agreements (including copyrights to software);
  • Confidentiality agreements and commitments, internal rules;
  • Other agreements (in particular sales, cooperation and agency agreements);
  • Licences and manuals for final software users;
  • Registering trade marks and obtaining other protective rights in accordance with the industrial property law, as well as EU (OHIM) and international law (WIPO);
  • Ordering the preparation of opinions on the protection of intellectual property rights to law firms associated in the IALF;
  • Negotiating agreements with Polish and foreign business partners;
  • Carrying out all other activities for current legal assistance purposes.


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