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Privatisation, employee shares

For the purpose of the privatisation of companies owned by the State Treasury, our Law Firm’s team of specialists offers comprehensive services in relation to various aspects and all stages of such processes. Our Law Firm has in-depth experience in legal consultancy and service and acts both for investors that buy shares of privatised companies from the State Treasury, as well as privatised companies of the State Treasury.

Acting for potential investors, our Law Firm offers a wide range of services, including both preparation (including, without limitation, due diligence, legal analysis and documents preparation) and negotiation stage through to final agreement signing.

Our Law Firm also offers professional advice and legal services in relation to the privatisation of State Treasury companies at each stage of such projects, from a decision to sell shares through the introduction of a company to the Stock Exchange to its stock-exchange debut.

In particular, we have vast experience in the legal service of the free sale of shares to authorised employees by the State Treasury on the basis of the commercialisation and privatisation act. Our Law Firm also managed the legal aspects of the pioneer free sale of shares issued on the basis of the company’s authorities to employees of a privatised company who did not have a right to acquire such shares under the act.

Our Law Firm offers not only current consultancy, but overall audits for the purpose of privatisation processes, as well.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • Negotiations with a social party before privatisation;
  • Carrying out preparatory activities, including the analysis of legal documentation to be submitted to investors;
  • Preparing documents required from the investor during the procedure;
  • Performing the comprehensive due diligence of a privatised entity, including the detailed analysis of potential threats for investors in terms of legal, financial and economic aspects;
  • Providing consultancy on the preparation of a negotiation strategy and taking part in negotiations with the Ministry of Treasury;
  • Providing advice and legal services in relations to the allocation of employee shares, including, in particular, the preparation of agreements with trade unions and the development of necessary rules;
  • Managing an employee complaint process to define the final list of employees authorised to acquire the company’s shares
  • Legal consultation for former and existing employees of the company on their rights and employee allocation principles, as well as shareholders’ rights;
  • Representing a privatised company before the Ministry of Treasury and other institutions during privatisation;
  • Cooperating with a brokerage house that manages the sale of shares, including, without limitation, the legal management of free employee share sales agreements;
  • Conducting talks and consultations with trade unions;
  • Holding training for employees of the privatised company on activities connected with the free disposal of employee shares;
  • Preparing necessary documentation for privatisation purposes;
  • Preparing legal opinions, in particular on corporate and employee issues.

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