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About NewConnect

Our firm is the only legal office in the Silesian Province which is the Authorized Advisor for the NewConnect Market.


The NewConnect Market is an innovative form of financing the development of firms with high growth potential, organized by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Thanks to the presence in the New Connect market, enterprises are able to secure capital for various types of investments which accelerate their development and increase their competitiveness. As an Authorized Advisor of the NewConnect Market, our office assists its clients in the proper preparation for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) in that market, and for the potential investors it is a factor that increases the credibility of the company plans in which they intend to invest

NewConnect has many common features with the regulated stock exchange market. The underlying similarity resides in the fact that the main aim of debuting in both markets is to secure capital from investors designated for the execution of various investments. In turn, the main difference between the Stock Exchange and the NewConnect market is that NewConnect is not a regulated market in the sense of European Union (EU) or Polish law; therefore, many complicated provisions associated with such markets are not applied here. The rules of functioning of the NewConnect market are described by its organizer, i.e. the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and those rules are much less formalized or restrictive than the ones for companies listed in the regulated market.


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