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GKS Gieksa Katowice S.A.

The Authorized Advisor of the NewConnect market "Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni" sp. k. Izabella Żyglicka i Wspólnicy started cooperation aimed at floating the GKS “GieKSa” Katowice S.A. company in NewConnect. The activities of the Company concentrate on operating the GKS Katowice football club, recognized and distinguished in football circles of Poland and Europe.

Status of Project Execution – preparation for the debut

Debut – Q2/3 2011



The GKS Katowice club was taken over on 28 June 2010 from the Stowarzyszenie Sympatyków Klubu GKS Katowice – Gieksa” by the Spółka Akcyjna GKS GieKSa Katowice for the purpose of:

  • conducting the process of financial and organizational restructuring;
  • introducing the stocks of the company into the New Connect market;
  • elevation to Ekstraklasa (top Polish football league).



The mission of the Company is to organize and manage the assets created as a result of effective combination of the business sector with sports, in the manner that allows building a durable relationship and providing all the parties with measurable economic benefits.

The basic activities of the company cover the areas of sports, culture and recreation. The statute tasks include participation in professional sports competitions, promotion of sports and conducting the development activities, as well as carrying out economic activities aimed at executing the basic tasks of the Company

The company has been operating in professional sports. Within the conducted activities, it has been managing and operating the GKS Katowice football club, currently playing in the first league.


GKS Katowice is an identifiable sports brand with almost 50 years of tradition, full of successes, such as:

  • Vice-Champion of the Polish league in: 1988, 1989, 1992, 1994;
  • Third team in the Polish league in: 1987, 1990, 1995, 2003;
  • Winner of the Polish Cup in the years: 1986, 1991, 1993;
  • Polish Cup runner-up in the years: 1985, 1987, 1990, 1995, 1997;
  • Winner of the Polish SuperCup (the match played between the Polish league champion and the winner of the Polish Cup in a given year) in: 1991, 1995;



In sports:

  • operating a first-league football club;
  • organization of the matches in the first league;
  • football trainings for children and youth (within the program for youth teams);
  • increasing the sports potential;
  • introducing the program of cooperation between the clubs in the city of Katowice, entitled: “KATOWICKA PIŁKA” (THE KATOWICE FOOTBALL).

In organizational and business terms:

  • sale of active sponsorship programs to external entities;
  • development and sale of materials for outdoor and indoor visual advertisements;
  • sale of advertising space;
  • construction of a stable, permanent ownership structure on the basis of the Municipal Office of Katowice as well as business entities;
  • preparation and introduction of trade cooperation programs (fan card, loyalty programs).




In sports:

  • achieving promotion to Ekstraklasa (top Polish league);
  • development of an effective scouting system;
  • preparation of the human resources potential for the purpose of fighting for European cups in the case of promotion;
  • establishing Klub Wybitnego Reprezentanta GKS Katowice (Club of Exceptional Representatives of GKS Katowice);
  • organization of an indoor Barbórka “GieKSa CUP” tournament, with participation of domestic and foreign teams.

In terms of organization and capital:

  • increasing the stock capital by at least 6 million zlotys;
  • debuting successfully in the New Connect market;
  • using the subsidiaries for commercial activities;
  • diversification of sources of income (sale of insurance);
  • introducing the International Accounting Standards;
  • establishing a business platform for the entities associated with GKS Katowice;
  • establishing a network of sales of club tickets and souvenirs in the neighbouring cities;
  • increasing the range of products sold;
  • achieving a positive financial outcome;
  • execution of the activities aimed at increasing the attendance for matches (mobile points of sale, promotional activities in the city).


History of the club

The club was established on 27 February 1964, from several sports units from Katowice. The home stadium at Bukowa street has been reconstructed many times.

In that stadium, during its debut in the European cup in 1970, GKS played against the famous FC Barcelona. It was, as it later turned out, just the beginning of the European history of the club. Ten years in a row, the team competed in the European cup, playing 34 games, and in 1994 it reached the 3rd round of the UEFA Cup, after great matches against Aris Saloniki and Girondins Bordeaux (with the future world champions Zinedine Zidane and Bixente Lizarazu). At the beginning of 1990s, the club became a trademark of Polish football in Europe. At Bukowa teams such as Sportul Studențesc București, Glasgow Rangers, Club Brugge, Galatasaray Stambul, Benfica Lisbon, Aris Saloniki, Girondins Bordeaux and Bayer Leverkusen (twice) played in football matches.

The club also has achievements in the Polish league. In 1985 GKS Katowice played in the Polish Cup final for the first time. In 1986 it defeated Górnik Zabrze 4:1 in the final of the Polish Cup at the Silesian Stadium. One year later, GKS took third position in the league, and in the next two years held the position of the vice-champion of Poland. In 1990 – again the third position, and in 1991 – again the vice-championship of Poland. In total, between 1986 and 1995, GKS Katowice was the vice-champion of Poland four times, it won the SuperCup twice and the Polish Cup three times.

Currently, GKS Katowice is playing in the 1st league which is just below the top Polish league – Ekstraklasa.




The GKS GieKSa Katowice company intends to develop the future of the club on the basis of reliable organizational basis. The basic assumption is that nowadays the football club is, in particular, an enterprise that requires an effective business plan in order to achieve success. The sports success of the team is to be developed mainly on the suitable work with the talented youth from Katowice and its surroundings. That aim is to be achieved by the investment of resources and the establishment of a suitable system of trainings, so that the young players developed by the club in football terms, can successfully play in the first team. The second element of the strategy of team building is the establishment of a permanent network of talent scouts, whose job will consist in finding the most promising players for the purpose of bringing them to the GKS team. The activities described are planned for the long run.

The fact that activities will be based on a long-term strategy of building the team on the basis of investments into scouting and youth training will allow creating a club that is financially effective, and eliminating the excessive risk associated with short-term purchases of players for the team. Mentoring the players does not only make them understand the manner in which their team plays, but also enables saving money on the compensation fees paid to other clubs for player transfers. The similar situation exists in terms of the process of finding talent before they are seen by the general public at large, which will allow decreasing the costs of bringing players in from outside the club. The provision of a continuous and balanced number of valuable players will translate into many years of success with minimized risk.


Making the Company public by introducing its stocks into trading in the NewConnect stocks will allow executing the assumed strategy of development, by providing the resources for the intended investments. It will also involve the fans to a higher degree in the life of the club, by allowing them to invest in its activities and to obtain the benefits resulting from its successes.


Modernization of the stadium

Apart from introducing the above model of functioning of the team, the sports facilities of GKS will be transformed and the most crucial element of that process will be the modernization of the stadium at Bukowa street. On 27 September 2010, the project of constructing of a new Municipal Stadium was presented. Its construction is to take place in stages and start with the demolition of the northern stand, currently not functioning. After the consultations between the representatives of the city authorities, architects and the club authorities and the fans from “SK 1964” Association, it was agreed that the previous design would be changed. Four independent stands are to be connected and roofed, with lighting and outdoor screens. The lighting towers will disappear. Also, the capacity of the stadium will increase from less than 18,000 to a little more than 21,000 seating capacity. The details and the visualization are to be presented in June 2011.

More information at: www.gieksa.pl

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