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In the area of capital markets, our Law Firm services public companies, brokerage houses and financial institutions, including seed funds. As the Authorized Advisor of the New Connect market, together with a renowned brokerage house, we participated in the debut of the first Polish football club, Ruch Chorzów, in that market. We have been advising many of our clients in the transactions of purchasing companies, the takeover of which was preceded by a detailed legal and economic audit (due diligence).

As the Authorized Advisor, we offer the following services:


  • Legal handling of the process of transforming into the chosen legal form as either – joint-stock company or limited joint-stock partnership
  • Audit of the condition of the enterprise (audit and pre-investment due diligence examination) together with an analysis of the legal condition of the company.
  • The strategy of development of the firm, taking into account the IPO in the NewConnect, together with a strategy of protecting the rights of current stockholders.
  • Identification of the proper form of stock sale.
  • Preparation of documentation necessary for obtaining external financing (sale of stocks) – public information document.
  • Selling stocks.
  • Training the Management Board and key employees of the Principal, indicated by the Management Board, in the regulations and standards in effect in the NewConnect, with particular emphasis on the information obligations.
  • Annual advisory services in the functioning of the company in the “NewConnect” alternative trading market, and fulfilling the information obligations after the first listing of the stocks.

If you are interested in our proposal, please contact our Law Firm.

More information on the NewConnect market is available at www.newconnect.pl.

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