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Authorized Advisor

The task of an Authorized Advisor is to prepare the enterprise for floating its stocks in the NewConnect and to provide day-to-day advice during the functioning of the public company in the market.


In particular, an Authorized Advisor:

  • examines whether the preparation of an information document occurred in compliance with the requirements specified in the Regulations of the Alternative Trading System,
  • issues a declaration that the information document has been prepared in compliance with those requirements and that the information included in the information document is true, reliable and consistent with the actual state of things, and that no facts have been omitted which would have affected its significance and the pricing of the financial instruments
  • verifies whether the conditions for introducing the issuer’s financial instruments for trading in the NewConnect have been met
  • cooperates with the issuer so that it meets the information obligations specified in the Regulations, i.e. while submitting the current and periodic reports.

NOTE!!! Under the NewConnect Regulations, an Agreement with an Authorized Advisor should provide for it fulfilling its obligations for at least one year from the day of the first listing of the financial instruments of a given issuer in the alternative trading system.       


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