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Labour and social security law

For years, our Law Firm has been advising our clients on employee issues acting both for employees and employers. The labour law team has also experience in contacts and legal negotiations between employers and trade unions.

We provide comprehensive services related to the labour and social security law. We help to develop internal labour law acts in accordance with the client’s individual needs and economic interests in order to protect the client against disputes, if any.

As a part of our special services, we provide protection for employers against employees that violate their company’s interests, for example by acting for competitive entities.

We assist our clients to find the best legal solutions in terms of the labour law both for the clients and their employees.

The Law Office also advises on the development and negotiation of manager agreements as an alternative for agreements subject to the labour law.



Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:


  • Representing clients in litigations concerning re-employment claims, compensations for the unreasonable termination of an employment contract, confirmation whether an employment contract exists or not, the correction of an employment separation certificate, the payment of a severance pay and other benefits set out in internal labour law acts, the payment of a pension and a compensation pension, compensation for a non-competition clause after the termination of an employment contract, and other proceedings related to labour law compensations;
  • Preparing labour law agreements;
  • Developing and negotiating manager agreements;
  • Protecting employers against employees’ unfair competition;
  • Participating in the development of internal labour law acts (bargaining agreements, rules, arrangements, regulations), including negotiations with staff, updating such acts because of changes in legal regulations;
  • Providing consultancy on group and monitored redundancies;
  • Providing consultancy on the application of labour law regulations in particular situations with regard to individual employees.

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