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Mining law

Mining law is one of our Law Firm’s major specialisations. By providing permanent and comprehensive legal assistance to entities from the mining industry, we have gained experience in the operation of mines and enterprises providing services for the mining industry at all business development stages.

Our lawyers have in-depth experience in contracts connected with the operation of mines, the production and sale of mining machines, the privatisation and commercialisation of State-owned companies. In the mining industry, major aspects are labour law issues and relations between employers and trade unions. That is why we offer both legal advice and assistance in negotiation processes in this field.

Mining law is a demanding and dynamically developing branch of law. Our team carries on implementing solutions tailored to our client’s needs and real interests. We develop together with our clients and aim at achieving a common goal, i.e. the economic development of the mining industry.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • Providing comprehensive services to mining entities and mining-related enterprises;
  • Dealing with contracts concerning the production, sale and other forms of disposal of property rights to equipment, tools, maintenance and technical solutions for the mining industry;
  • Providing legal consultancy on bid documentation under the public procurement procedure, including, in particular, industrial contracts and representation before the National Chamber of Appeal;
  • Preparing interpretations of geological and mining law, including applicable EU directives and regulations;
  • Representing and providing services to mining companies and enterprises in relation to contacts between employers and employees and employers and trade unions;
  • Providing legal consultancy and representing clients before courts during litigations and arbitration proceedings;
  • Representing clients before public and local administration authorities;
  • Providing services in relations to the commercialisation and privatisation of State-owned companies, taking into account economic aspects;
  • Providing services in relation to transformation and restructuring.

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