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Restructuring and bankruptcy law

Our Law Firm offers comprehensive consultancy services in relation to restructuring proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings for enterprises facing insolvency and creditors claiming their rights under insolvency proceedings.

We serve enterprises facing insolvency on the basis of the analysis of their financial and legal status and the best possible restructuring scenario, including a composition agreement with their creditors. Our legal services also comprise negotiations of debt restructuring (composition agreement) conditions with creditors and representation before courts to initiate and conduct the selected proceedings. In turn, creditors are advised on the selection and establishment of securities that will protect them against their counterparty’s insolvency and on exercising their rights during insolvency proceedings.

For our clients, we prepare a full analysis of their legal situation in terms of statutory insolvency premises and related threats, including in particular economic aspects of the proceedings and liability of the enterprise’s authorities for the whole process. We provide consultancy and legal protection to authorities of enterprises facing insolvency, including in particular directors of capital companies. If our Client is a creditor that is not able to recover its receivables from its counterparty, we will handle proceedings against persons that represented the insolvent enterprise.

Our Law Firm have rich experience based on many restructuring proceedings we handled. For example, for one of our Clients, we conducted the first, in Silesia, proceedings aimed at the approval of a composition agreement based on new Restructuring Law regulations.

Services provided by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • initial analyses of the enterprise’s legal and financial status from the point of view of necessary restructuring;
  • consultancy on the preparation of the enterprise’s restructuring strategy;
  • the preparation of petitions for restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings;
  • representing Clients at all stages of insolvency proceedings till the final stage;
  • consultancy on the preparation and negotiation of draft composition agreements to be presented to creditors;
  • consultancy on the preparation of financing proposals to perform the composition agreement;
  • the preparation of written pleadings during bankruptcy proceedings;
  • the analysis of risks connected with entering into agreements and performing other activities with entities of bad financial standing and enterprises that have been announced bankrupt;
  • consultancy on establishing legal securities to protect the enterprise against consequences of its counterparties’ insolvency;
  • consultancy and defence in terms of the liability of members of authorities of insolvent entities;
  • consultancy on purchase transactions related to enterprises and property owned by bankrupt companies or enterprises subject to restructuring.


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