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Litigations. Class actions

Our Trial Team represents Clients in their civil and business court disputes.

Apart from litigations concerning the performance of agreements between business partners, we also provide comprehensive services in relation to disputes concerning the protection of personal rights, disputes resulting from property protection, damage repair, and disputes not connected with the performance of any agreement between parties (tort damages).

Recently, new statutory regulations on group proceedings have been enforced. We analyse possibilities of initiating such proceedings and then prepare collective claims and choose the best way to exercise rights and interests of our Clients.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • Making claims concerning contract performance and compensation for inadequate contract performance;
  • Handling group proceedings (collective claims);
  • Handling cases concerning the violation of personal rights and compensations;
  • Making claims connected with the violation of property rights, limited property rights and ownership rights;
  • Managing proceedings related to the separation of fixed properties and the establishment of servitudes, as well as the repurchase of a part of properties in connection with border exceeding, the separation of ownership rights, usucaption cases;
  • Managing proceedings related to mortgage and land registers and registration in the National Court Register (KRS);
  • Handling cases concerning the repair of damages resulting from circumstances other than non-performance or inadequate performance of contracts (tort damages), as well as indemnity, pension and other claims connected with personal injuries;
  • Managing claims for the return of benefits due to unjust enrichment;
  • Managing claims for recognising an activity taken up by a debtor to the prejudice of a creditor as inefficient;
  • Managing claims for identifying the existence or non-existence of legal relationship, right or
  • right expectancy;
  • Managing inheritance cases, including, without limitation, the confirmation of inheritance acquisition and the allocation of inheritance to heirs, as well as the confirmation of unjust inheritance and testament validity.


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