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Proceeding for compensation

Our Law Firm provides legal services connected with claims for compensation resulting from the inadequate or untimely performance of contracts and caused by forbidden acts (civil liability) or illegal and reprehensible behaviour of a party during negotiations conducted before the execution of a contract, if the contract is not executed (culpa in contrahendo), both for enterprises and individuals.

We also specialise in repairing damages caused to companies by their existing and former members, shareholders, directors and supervisory board members.

Given the specific character and complexity of proceeding for compensation, our lawyers firstly help Clients to collect evidence that proves damage existence and size, and shows that a contract has not been performed or an illegal behaviour has taken place. We help to choose an optimum damage repair manner.

Since the proceeding for compensation is made of many stages, we provide our Clients with full substantive and legal support already at the pre-court stage. We negotiate with insurance companies, business partners and persons that have caused damage to solve a dispute in an amicable manner. If no amicable solution is possible, we represent our Clients in litigations and enforcement proceedings.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • Comprehensive legal and substantive consultancy at the initial stage, i.e. the collection of evidence;
  • Representing our Clients in negotiations, litigations and enforcement proceedings;
  • Providing consultancy on the selection of an optimum damage repair method;
  • Preparing legal opinions, memoranda;
  • Providing legal and substantive advice to obtain an opinion of a court expert that has specialised knowledge;
  • Representing Clients in negotiations between companies and members, shareholders and members of corporate authorities.


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