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Property dealing law

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services in relation to property dealing. We analyse the legal status of a property in order to find encumbrances established for third persons and re-privatisation claims. We advise on the development of optimum sales concepts, as well as structures of transaction financing and securing, taking into account tax aspects, as well.

We represent our clients in negotiations, prepare draft agreements and other documents. We conduct administration procedures, including those related to permits for foreigners to buy properties. We represent clients in administration, court, arbitration proceedings, including those aiming at changing the purpose of a property in local zoning plans.

Our team of lawyers specialising in the property law provides services at each project stage to let clients safely through the whole investment process, starting from property purchase through to the preparation and performance of a construction project to the final development.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • Analysing the legal status of a property (due diligence);
  • Developing a transaction concept and the structure of property purchase funding;
  • Providing legal services to prepare agreements connected with the purchase and sale, as well as rental, lease and use, etc., of properties;
  • Representing clients in their commercial relations and negotiations with entities financing property purchase, insurers and other financial institutions;
  • Providing consultancy and representing foreigners during the acquisition of property purchase permits;
  • Providing legal services in relation to the preparation of agreements concerning the development, management and commercial use of properties, including, without limitation, the preparation of agreements with property administrators and agreements with utility suppliers;
  • Providing legal consultancy on projects aiming at changing the purpose of a property in local zoning plans;
  • Representing clients before common and arbitration courts in disputes and procedures related to mortgage and land registers;
  • Representing clients before public and local administration authorities.

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