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Construction law

Long-lasting experience gained by our Law Firm during the integrated service of projects related to construction law comprises many intricate investment processes.

Our lawyers give advice to entities both from the public and private sector. We provide our legal services at all stages of the construction process: from preparation through to performance, including the arrangement of optimum investment funding, the collection of documentation necessary to receive required construction permits, representation during administration procedures aiming at the acquisition of such permits, as well as the protection of construction project performance. We advise on the development of bid procedures and rules.

We prepare construction contracts and support a construction process by carefully analysing contractual solutions in terms of their legal aspects in order to identify all legal risks. We participate in negotiations with investors both during the preparation of a contract, as well as in disputes arising during the construction process.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • Providing consultancy to contractors with regard to their participation in bid procedures;
  • Providing consultancy to investors during the preparation and settlement of bid procedures;
  • Providing legal services during the preparation of contractor, general contractor, subcontractor, investor supervision agreements, as well as agreements concerning project performance and insurance;
  • Acting as a Substitute Investor;
  • Providing legal services for contractors and investors during the performance and acceptance of construction works;
  • Representing contractors in debt collection proceedings against investors that get behind with payments for or acceptance of completed works;
  • Representing clients in relations and negotiations with entities financing a construction processes and insurers;
  • Providing consultancy to and representing foreigners during the acquisition of permits and approvals necessary to prepare and carry out a construction project;
  • Representing clients in disputes before common and arbitration courts;
  • Representing clients before public and local administration authorities.

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