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Comprehensive services for companies and business projects

Our Law Firm employs over twenty lawyers. Thanks to such a large team of lawyers, where everyone specialises in several fields, we are able to provide professional and comprehensive legal services both to large corporations and holdings, as well as SMEs and strategic business projects carried out on a long-time basis.

Legal services are tailored to our Client’s needs by one or more lawyers, always including a barrister or a legal adviser who coordinates all services for a given client. A coordinator is chosen in such a way so that fields of law he specialises in and his experience match the specific character of the client’s activity to the closest extent.

We offer comprehensive services not only thanks to various legal specialisations of our lawyers, but to permanent cooperation with persons and companies offering other professional services, which are provided simultaneously and are coordinated with our legal services, as well. We cooperate with auditors, tax and financial advisors, specialists in capital markets, property appraisers, and persons having various types of construction authorisations, as well as professional negotiators and debt collectors. The work of such an interdisciplinary team is particularly useful in such projects like, for example, investments, mergers and acquisitions or due diligences and is coordinated by one of the Managing Members of our Law Firm.


Our services include in particular:

  • Preparing a detailed action plans and schedules;
  • Preparing alternative variants of legal and business solutions;
  • Identifying and estimating legal risks that may appear during project performance;
  • Coordinating actions taken up by the client’s employees;
  • Performing a detailed examination based on documentation and on-site visits and preparing due diligence reports
  • Providing consultancy, preparing and carrying out bid, competition and offer procedures, including public procurement;
  • Representing clients in commercial relations and negotiations with entities financing a project, business partners, insurers and other financial institutions;
  • Developing the concept of a transaction and an investment project funding structure;
  • Developing and commenting on draft contracts;
  • Providing support for project documentation preparation and archiving;
  • Providing comprehensive services to companies: implementing and managing corporate governance;
  • Providing support in relation to the fulfilment of information duties of companies, including public companies listed in regulated markets;
  • Comprehensive analysis of the operation of companies to identify legal threats and potential compensatory liability for the violation of regulations on counteracting unfair competition, competition and consumer protection, as well as the general product safety act;
  • Providing comprehensive services to companies as workplaces;
  • Representing clients before common, arbitration courts and public and local government administration authorities.

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