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Capital and financial market

For the purpose of capital and financial markets, we provide consultancy on capital acquisition from financial and industrial investors, as well as restructuring actions to improve the financial standing of companies and prepare them to the entrance of new investors.

We comply with top standards to avoid unnecessary risks by obeying a predefined schedule. When we commence our service, we always thoroughly analyse the situation of a given company, not only from the legal point of view, but from the economic point of view, as well, which distinguishes our Law Firm from other law firms.

Economic analysis is a necessary supplement to legal services. Therefore, we cooperate with a group of financial specialists whose work is supervised and coordinated by the Managing Member being a qualified economist. As a result, we find the most convenient and feasible option of fund acquisition via the issue of securities in one of organised markets: NewConnect for shares or Catalyst for bonds, for our clients. We also make transactions in the non-public market by finding industrial or financial investors which would be interested in making a relevant financial injection to support the business activity of a different company.

Our Law Firm is in continuous contact and cooperates with the Stock Exchange and the Capital Market Institute (IRK), being a subsidiary of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. At IRK’s request, our employees completed a several-month programme of training for Brokers and Investment Advisors.

Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:


  • Preparing a company to the entrance of investors in terms of the optimisation of owners’ interests;
  • Evaluating companies, in-kind contributions in the form of enterprises, shares, stocks;
  • Supporting the preparation and verification of business plans, investment memoranda, bid documents, information documents for third party investors in accordance with guidelines and requirements of the Stock Exchange;
  • Supporting clients in negotiations with investors;
  • Preparing a private offer: share acquisition agreements and accompanying documents: declarations to acquire shares, allocation documents, share deposit instructions;
  • Providing assistance in the preparation of presentations for third party investors to whom the offer is to be addressed to;
  • Marketing securities in the organised market, preparing relevant applications, representing Clients before the National Depository of Securities, the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority;
  • Training directors and key staff on information duties;
  • Providing services of an Authorised Advisor for a year after a debut in the organised markets, including cooperation to fulfil information duties.


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