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Law of companies and other business entities

Our Law Firm gives advice to our clients at each stage of their organisation development. We help to choose an optimum form of our client’s business activity. We handle and carry out processes related to the incorporation and registration of companies, branches, agencies, foundations and associations in the National Court Register. If necessary, we also help in efficient and effective liquidation. We specialise in transformation and restructuring processes, like mergers, divisions, and changes of corporate legal forms.

We advise on the current operation of companies (including public companies). We support corporate authorities: board of directors, supervisory boards, audit commissions, general meetings of shareholders or members. We provide comprehensive consultancy on the development of effective and safe corporate solutions for corporate governance purposes.

We also help to solve disputes between members, shareholders, members of company authorities and between companies and members, shareholders and members of their authorities.

We advise on the liability of directors and members of other company authorities.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:

  • Providing consultancy services at the initial stage of business activity start-up by enterprises, including the selection of a relevant legal form and the preparation of necessary documentation;
  • Providing legal consultancy services during incorporation and restructuring of companies, branches, agencies, foundations, associations, holdings and consortia;
  • Representing entities subject to registration in the National Court Register (preparation of applications to the National Court Register and notices to relevant authorities: Social Security, Statistical Office, Tax Office) during the registration procedure;
  • Developing and preparing opinions on draft amendments to acts of incorporation and articles of association of companies;
  • Developing and preparing opinions on internal regulations providing for the operation of company authorities: implementing corporate governance;
  • Providing legal services in relation to the organisation and operation of company corporate meetings (including a function of a chairman at general meetings of members or shareholders);
  • Preparing draft resolutions of directors, supervisory board, audit commission, members and shareholders;
  • Representing members or shareholders at general meetings;
  • Providing legal advice on changes in capital structure of companies: share capital increase or decrease, change in ownership structure;
  • Providing legal advice to minority shareholders (so called minority rights) of companies;
  • Providing legal advice to and representing  companies during court proceedings in relation to corporate disputes;
  • Helping to solve disputes and representing companies in negotiations between members, shareholders and members of company authorities;
  • Providing legal advice on compulsory redemption and repurchase of shares (squeeze out and buy out);
  • Providing legal advice to and representing Clients before courts in cases related to the directors’ liability for the company’s commitments and the liability of directors, supervisory board, audit commission and liquidators for damages caused to the company;
  • Developing draft share and stock sales agreements and agreements between members, shareholders and members of corporate authorities;
  • Developing draft management contracts for persons managing the company.

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