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Mergers and acquisitions, due diligence

The merger and acquisition (M&A) team provides comprehensive legal services in relation to capital investments consisting in the acquisition of business entities through purchase and/or merger with an acquiring company, as well as the privatisation of companies owned by the State Treasury. Our Law Firm provides assistance and professional advice at each stage of such projects.

Our Law Firm has, in particular, precious experience in due diligences which enables to evaluate the potential and risks of capital investments in reliable manner. In due diligence, our Law Firm’s role is not only limited to legal aspects. Using our experience, we also offer comprehensive due diligence, including tax and environmental issues, as well as the analysis of an audited company’s operations as a leader of a consortium of companies that specialise in individual areas.

If our client is a taken-over company, we advise on the development and negotiation of investment agreements with investors to define terms and conditions for the acquisition of shares or stocks by the investor and mutual obligations of parties.


Services offered by our Law Firm include in particular:Cooperation to find entities to be acquired;

  • Providing comprehensive consultancy and negotiation support during the acquisition of State-owned entities;
  • Performing a preliminary analysis of a legal and property status;
  • Developing acquisition strategies, including an investor’s actions to be taken in spite of resistance of directors and other authorities of an acquired company (so called hostile acquisition);
  • Performing a detailed examination of acquired entities based on documentation and on-site visits concluded with the preparation of reports and the evaluation of capital investment risks (due diligence);
  • Representing clients during negotiations with financial institutions;
  • Preparing transformation and merger plans and necessary documentation for the acquisition of companies and other business entities;
  • Providing advice during the negotiation of investment agreements, both to an investor and a taken-over entity;
  • Preparing corporate documents of taken-over companies, including draft amendments in articles of incorporation of limited liability companies or articles of association of joint stock companies;
  • Implementing new corporate governance;
  • Representing clients before the National Court Register and financial supervision authorities;
  • Providing legal advice and representing clients before courts and public administration authorities;
  • Representing clients in proceedings connected with the notification of concentration intentions;
  • Preparing offers for the purchase of shares/stocks of companies owned by the State Treasury.

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