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Corporate disputes

Our Corporate Disputes Department is a team of experienced lawyers and other specialists whose main objective is to resolve a dispute as quickly as possible, rather than just conducting it in a long-term process. The dispute resolution consists in obtaining a favourable court ruling, but also in reaching such an agreement with the other party, which our Client will consider as successful.

Very often, it takes us only 7 days to actually resolve a dispute by obtaining a judicial security with which the court suspends the power of a resolution of the company’s bodies that is unfavourable for our Client. Obtaining a judicial security allows to gain a fundamental procedural advantage leading to a favourable court decision or settlement.

Disputes arise between partners (shareholders), between the company and its partners or members of its bodies; they also concern conflicts within management boards and supervisory boards. They may result from different business visions, incorrect or imprecise provisions in company statutes and other documents (e.g. shareholders’ agreements), as well as personal conflicts.

We have outstanding experts specialising in matters of legal procedure, prepared to conduct complex court disputes. In such proceedings, there are also criminal lines of inquiry, hence our corporate litigation department also includes lawyers specialising in criminal commercial law. The only partner in our Law Firm who is an economist and a professional negotiator is responsible for the analysis of all business aspects of disputes.

We also provide legal assistance to avoid future corporate disputes. In this respect, we provide legal advice, prepare and verify documents, in particular statutes/partnership agreements and agreements between shareholders, which may become a source of dispute.

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