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Covid - 19 and  company

Dear entrepreneurs, as a law firm, we decided to support you and regularly publish information and releases on the effects of coronavirus on your businesses. Thinking of your needs, we prepared a coronavirus-business tab where you can learn how to act in the face of the pandemic. Our attorneys and solicitors are at your disposal in these difficult times.

These publications are for information purposes only and do not constitute or are not intended to constitute legal advice, therefore should not be relied upon. Readers should seek legal advice before applying the above information to specific issues or transactions.

Aid for enterprises

Please, contact us if you are an enterprise that would like to operate in accordance with legal regulations during the pandemic. Carrying out business activity in the existing reality is connected with many challenges, including legal ones.

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How to return victorious and not die honourably after the Shield

Employers that took advantage of wages funding from the Guaranteed Employee Benefit Fund (based on Art. 15g of the Act on amendments to the act on special solutions connected with preventing, counteracting and fighting COVID-19, other communicable diseases and crises caused by such diseases) must account for the benefit within 30 days of the end of the support period.

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Tourism SHIELD

After the successive Anti-Crisis Shields, on 23 September this year, the President signed a law called the tourism shieldwhich complements the Anti-Crisis Shield of 2 March this year. 

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Share dematerialisation – update – anti-crisis package 3.0

The Act of 15 May 2020 (item 875) on the amendment of certain acts in the scope of protective measures in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus introduced changes also in the scope of deadlines for dematerialisation of shares and other securities. The regulations are in force since 16 May 2020.

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Changes in public procurement law – Package 3.0 are to introduce further tools for the ordering parties and contractors

The Anti-Crisis Package solutions in force allow the modification of the manner of performance of a public procurement contract, in particular by temporarily suspending performance, changing the scope of the parties’ services or changing the date of performance. This is a special arrangement, primarily in light of Article 144 of the Public Procurement Law.

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