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CHF credit agreements

Borrowers’ claims against banks using illegal provisions of loan agreements indexed to or denominated in CHF (the so-called “pseudo-franc” loans)

The Law Firm represents borrowers in pursuing claims related to the total or partial invalidity of loan agreements with a currency element based on abusive clauses.

Thanks to the court’s annulment of the so-called “pseudo-franc” loan agreements entered into with banks, Clients can recover their payments, unduly granted to the bank, and free themselves from this abusive product. We help our Clients in negotiations with banks and represent them in court proceedings, which, in principle, are long and highly complicated.

As part of the preliminary analysis of the agreement, we indicate in detail what claims the Client is entitled to. We are able to estimate their amount and determine the possible benefits for the Client.

The Law Firm currently represents affected borrowers in numerous proceedings against banks using illegal provisions of loan agreements indexed to or denominated in CHF. Thanks to our vast experience, we can adopt the most advantageous process strategy for the Client, fully adapted to the nature of the agreement entered into with the bank, and effectively minimise the risk of losing at trial.

In our cooperation with the Client, we put particular emphasis on an individual approach to each of the cases entrusted to us to maximise the accuracy of the legal arguments raised in the course of the proceedings and to foresee and inform the Client about all possible risks associated with the agreement, based on the most recent court rulings.

We draw on extensive experience and can boast of numerous successes of our lawyers, also in disputes against banks.



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