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Services to ZASI exempt from VAT

We are pleased to announce that our Law Firm has obtained a positive individual interpretation of the tax law regulations regarding the possibility of applying VAT exemption for legal services provided to internal and external Alternative Investment Company Managers (ZASI), issued by the Director of the National Revenue Information.

We were inspired to file an application because we had doubts, under the current legal circumstances, as to the type and scope of the activities which fall into objective VAT exemption and whether third parties can apply the exemption to activities carried out for ZASI and related to the management of Alternative Investment Funds (ASI).

Our Law Firm obtained a positive individual interpretation and is allowed to apply the objective VAT exemption to legal services provided to ZASI and directly related to the management of ASI.

Our Law Firm succeeded thanks to the support of a partner, attorney-at-law and tax advisor Ewa Lejman, and a trainee legal advisor Kamila Spalińska.

Please note that, as a general rule, individual interpretations of tax law regulations may only be invoked by the entities to which the interpretation is addressed (applicants).

All those who would like to verify the possibility of applying VAT exemption to the services or submit a similar application to the Director of National Revenue Information are encouraged to contact us.

Internal and external ASI managers are welcome to cooperate with us.

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