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  • The services have always been (and still are) provided duly, keeping the highest standard of diligence and reliability.

    mgr Paweł Doliński
    Zastępca Dyrektora ds. Organizacji i Rozwoju

  • The law office has represented the interest of Ceneu Poland with engagement and professionalism, which led to signing a deal in a short period of time and with very beneficial terms.

    dr inż Ryszard Bednarz
    Prezes Zarządu

  • The law office has represented the interest of Elmodis with professionalism and engagement which led to signing deals satisfying both Elmodis and other parties.

    Artur Hanc
    Prezes Zarządu

  • The way our cooperation has been carrying out, especially the reliability, timeliness and success rate of the actions undertaken is a reason to recommend the law office as a suitable partner for anyon

    Grzegorz Cielecki
    Dyrektor Zarządzający

  • During the process of providing legal services, the law office has many times proven it holistic approach to the given problem.

    Janusz Smołka
    Prezes Zarządu

  • Since February 13th 2018 OPTY VENTURES sp. z o.o. has been using the services of \"Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni\" sp. k. Izabella Żyglicka i Wspólnicy for proceedings with Polish Financial Supervision

    Agnieszka Stochmal
    Prezes Zarządu

  • The law office

    Andrij Włach
    Członek Zarządu

  • Since January 29th 2018 VBV ALFA sp. z o.o. has been using the services of

    Anna Rzewuska
    Członek Zarządu

  • Ceneu Poland has been a part of an international holding operating also within the Netherlands and Hungary.

    Paweł Stanicki
    Członek Zarządu

  • The law firm has provided comprehensive legal services to PTEP S.A. during the investment process concerning the construction of CHP CFB fluidized bed unit with the nameplate capacity of 75 MWe

    dr Marek Rusakiewicz
    Prezes Zarządu

  • \"The way cooperation between us has been carrying out, especially the reliability, compliance with due dates, and the effectiveness of the actions give a solid reason to recommend the Law Firm as a v

    dr inż. Paweł Wielgus
    Prezes Zarządu

  • Collaboration mentioned above was highly effective and professional. Law office

    Anna Załoga

  • They have always provided their services with due diligence and in reliable way.

    mgr Dariusz Czech
    Dyrektor finansowy

  • Given our cooperation to date and in particular timely and effective services, as well as an in-depth knowledge of problems that a contemporary enterprise must face, we recommend the Law Firm ...

    Andrzej Warzecha
    Prezes Zarządu

  • When providing its services, the Law Firm has often proved that it is able to handle our problems in a comprehensive manner...

    mgr inż. Tadeusz Zygmunt
    Prezes zarządu

  • I recommend legal services of ”Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni” Spółka komandytowa Izabella Żyglicka i Wspólnicy.

    Jan Leszkiewicz
    Wiceprezes Zarządu

  • When providing its services, the Law Firm has often proved that it is able to handle our problems in a comprehensive manner...

    Michał Kloc
    Prezes Zarządu

  • We have the pleasure to inform that Kancelaria Adwokaci i Radcowie Prawni sp.k. Izabella Żyglicka i Wspólnicy acted as our legal counsel and an authorised advisor...

    Ireneusz Glensczyk
    Prezes zarządu

  • The Law Firm provided legal services comprising of comprehensive legal consultancy on the restructuring of KW S.A....

    Michał Sobel
    Wiceprezes Zarządu

  • ... The Law Firm provided (...) legal services, including consultancy and legal and trial representation in cases connected with claims against a relevant branch of the National Health Fund

    Prof. Dr hab. Kazimierz Roszkowski-Śliż
    Instytut Gruźlicy i Chorób Płuc

  • The Law Firm represented the interests of WPKiW with great involvement and professionalism...

    Akradiusz Godlewski
    Prezes Zarządu WPiKW im. Gen. Jerzego Ziętka S.A.

  • The Law Firm works in a fast, effective and flexible way and provides first rate services.

    Łukasz Chlebicki
    Prezes Zarządu LUKRA Spółka z o.o.

  • Lawyers of the Law Firm have also confirmed that they know specific character of a company operating in the IT industry, which let them establish good relationships...

    Marcin Bierut
    Członek Zarządu 3Soft

  • The Law Firm prepared a transaction scheme, conducted negotiations on our behalf, prepared legal documentation, and participated in all other activities connected...

    Anna Kociubińska
    Prezes Zarządu Invest Park Hajduki S.A.

  • The Law Firm provided legal services to our company with due diligence, including the analysis of the legal status of our assets.

    Joanna Rynkiewicz
    Prezes Zarządu Ryntronix sp. z o.o.

  • We recommend cooperation with the Law Firm as it is a competent, experienced and highly professional business partner that carries out its duties with due diligence and professionalism.

    Dariusz Czech
    Dyrektor Finansowy Centrum Hydrauliki DOH sp. z o.o.

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